Verbascum Mullein Shades of Summer HEIRLOOM Seeds

Verbascum Mullein Shades of Summer HEIRLOOM Seeds

Verbascum phoeniceum

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Perennial (short-lived). A truly spectacular, long blooming perennial! Each plant has multiple graceful spikes of blossoms in white, pink, deep rose, violet and purple. Fast growing, excellent in dry landscape gardens, or alone in mass plantings. Wonderful cut flowers. Perennial in USDA zones 4 and warmer.

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Full sun

Blooms summer

3'-4' tall

Days to Emerge:
5-15 days

Seed Depth:
Press into surface

Seed Spacing:
A group of
4 seeds
every 6"

When 1/2" tall,
thin to 1
every 6"

When to sow outside: 2 to 4 weeks before average last frost and up to 2 months before first fall frost. If sown as early as January in mild winter climates, may bloom first year.

When to start inside: 6 to 8 weeks before average last frost. If started as early as January, may bloom first year.

Special germination instructions: Verbascum has a long, thin tap root - when starting indoors, use a large container or pulp pot so as to not disturb root when transplanting.

Artist: Angela Overy

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Verbascum Mullein Shades of Summer HEIRLOOM Seeds


Item #1149

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